445 Blog | August 27, 2018

Porchlight is not just any NYC drinking spot. On 28th and 11th Ave, this Hudson Yards bar is the epitome of southern hospitality. Nick Bennett, the head bartender at Porchlight, knows what it takes to make a good drink and a better experience.

455: What is your favorite signature cocktail to make?
Nick: That is a very tough question to answer. I am proud of every cocktail that has made it onto the menu at Porchlight. I would have to say that my favorite cocktail is the one that our guest likes the most.

Why do you think locals and guests of the neighborhood should make Porchlight their hang out spot?
Nick: It’s the most fun they’ll have in a while. The drinks are damn good, too.

445: What is your favorite part of the work evening?
Nick: There is a groove that you get into behind the bar when the bar is full, everyone has a drink, the music is jamming, and the rest of the bar team is pumping out cocktails and high fives. I love those evenings.

445: The bar layout is pretty unique with floor to ceiling windows and many cozy nooks. What is your favorite thing about the space? 
Nick: My favorite thing is that there is a spot for everyone in Porchlight. The windows are great for someone that likes to watch the world pass by while they are having a drink. Then, there is the bar made from old and sturdy wood to help you feel secure when you need it. There is also a private room if you and your friends want to get away from it all. Like you said, we have a unique space, one that is perfect for so many different personalities.

445: Porchlight is famous for its southern hospitality. What is the most southern food and cocktail combination one should get?
Nick: A Po’ Boy, a Whiskey and Cola, and a high five from the bartender.